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About Us

How we got into beachfront rentals

Our story as property owners in front of the beach began back on the year 2000, as usual travellers to the Riviera Maya we were used to stay in All Inclusive Resorts but realised that we hadn't explored as much as we liked the many places the area has to offer because of the temptation of staying inside the resort; so we decided to rent a condo in Akumal and handle our vacations on our own for the first time.

Back then Akumal wasn't as developed as it is today, we arrived at noon and went through a narrow dirt street until we finally reached our destination: "Hacienda La Tortuga". As we were unloading all our groceries and luggage we were sceptical about this idea but decided to leave all comments for the next day as we were tired from our two day car trip (Mexico City - Akumal).

The next day we realised why everybody who visits Akumal falls in love with the place, we woke up to a pleasant sea breeze, a spectacular sunrise and a white sandy beach just a few steps from us...suddenly we all knew we made the best decision for our vacations. The days passed and we couldn't get enough of Akumal and the places to explore nearby, our vacations were over in the blink of an eye...we browsed on the internet which property we could buy and got our hands on a beautiful property: "Villa Kokobeach".

Since then our mision is to share the same magical experience we had with our guests. As the years passed we kept exploring The Riviera Maya and increased our property roster not only in Akumal but also in "El Cuyo", a gem hidden in Yucatán; but that's a story for another time... 

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